Rooted in community, from the ground up. 


Have you dreamt of growing your own food but not sure where to start? 

You're doing your best to reduce the use of plastic in your home and would like some support? 

Are you in the midst of reclaiming your own pleasure & body sovereignty and crave the guidance of other women doing the same? 

Is slowing down and learning to craft the path to better mental health?

How can your lifestyle choices be a form of daily activism?  

Have you felt an ache to reclaim your relationship with the earth and your own wildness?

These are just some of the questions we ask of ourselves daily, and we have discovered through the Sisters of the Wild Community that it is with the support of others that change truly occurs. Our gatherings began as a way to feel grounded, to connect with the cycles of nature and to give other women an opportunity to do the same. Using the seasons as our guide, we explore all aspects of what it means to be wild women.

It may not be possible for every woman to be a part of a gathering in North Wales, but you can play a role in our vision. A vision that is wrapped in the arms of community, a desire to plant seeds in the rich soil of your homes and gardens so the essence of Sisters of the Wild can grow deep and wide. Leaning on the hearts of both friends and strangers during our travels, we have realised that community lives and breathes wherever there is kindness, and that home is wherever there is love.

We’re three friends who met in a meadow in Oregon, USA, at Spirit Weavers Gathering surrounded by beautiful cedar trees and over 700 other women, since then, we have been weaving through each others lives between America and Europe. Now we have decided to explore England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, moving across the landscape in a small van. Our daily practice is to live harmoniously, to dance, to sing, to cook and eat as a family, learning to communicate and grow, even when things are uncomfortable. 

And now we want to gather with you!

Inspired by Amanda Palmer’s philosophy of The Art of Asking, Satish Kumar’s Peace Pilgrimages and the countless other people that have embarked on journeys of faith and trust, as we travel we would like to meet women in the comfort of their homes and create a space where we can nurture our wild hearts together. For a few hours we can spark a fire and celebrate the triumph of our hearts through song, dance, conversation and sharing delicious libations, coming away feeling nourished and motivated. 

If you're curious about Sisters of the Wild gatherings, this is a wonderful place to start connecting with our work and align our lives with the heartbeat of the earth.   


We would like to come and visit you and your women folk in the comfort of your homes and gardens. For a few hours we will gather to share stories, songs, craft & ceremony, we’ll make libations to drink and perhaps the women will bring a potluck, if there’s a garden we could light a fire. We will hold space for deep conversations and raucous laughter, we’ll dance and celebrate what it means to be a woman. We’ll offer our hands and hearts to help community groups or get you started on a project you’ve been longing to do. We’ll collect donations for the local food banks and share as much magic as we can muster along the way.

You could offer us a place to sleep for a night or two (whatever feels good) we’re happy with a bed, the floor a place for our tent. You will invite you friends to gather with us and share space in your home for sisters of the wild to come together in community.

  • WHEN - Please check our calendar and choose a date that you’d like us to visit.

  • WHERE - Please check our map to see where we will be travelling and on what dates.

  • HOW - Fill out the request form, giving as much detail as possible.

  • WHO - Tell us who you are and connect with us on social media.

  • WHAT - These gatherings are an offering to the community, we will not be charging the women to attend.

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Jayne Goldheart

Lover of the earth, wild swimmer, fire starter & star gazer. 

I'm the Founder of Sisters of the Wild. A journey that started with the breakdown of my marriage leading me to my 1st solo long distance walk around Scotland in 2015. I fell in love with the land around me, watching the shadows dance over expansive landscapes and sleeping under the stars, it was there that I became unearthed.

Holding gatherings for nearly 200 women over the past 3 years has been a raw and vulnerable ride, I've unravelled so much of myself and it is always being barefoot in the grass or holding a tree that brings me back to centre again. I'm devoting my life to the land, to nature and encouraging other women to do the same in the simplest of ways. 

Wildness shows up in my life in many ways, I’m equally happy lost in a forest as I am lost in music at a concert. Living nomadically for nearly 5 years has taught me to trust the balance of beauty and chaos in life. But above all else I am a mother, my compassionate, courageous daughter Daisy, she’s 26, inspires & encourages me to grow wild in a world that tries so hard to tame us.


In my hands you will likely find either some soil, a concert ticket, or decadent chocolate.


Tree climber, wordsmith, singer, activist & tea slurper

I’m a young nomad with a fringe and I seem to be in constant short supply of people to talk about Harry Potter with.

I come from the land of trees, coffee, and rain also known as Seattle Washington, a place I left months ago to travel the world. Pastimes include cloud gazing, orange peeling, go karting, creating life-changing salad dressings, laughing until my ribs hurt, late night picnics, sleeping in hammocks, bird calls, and generally getting up to as much fun as possible. I romanticise the little things like ivy that creeps up old buildings and making breakfast with your friends. I’m also an avid daydreamer.

I’m interested in politics and love to have important conversations with friends and strangers about topics that are circling peoples thought-spheres today. My passion is grassroots activism and the power people have to take matters into their own hands in the local and global community. I’m a believer in our ability as humans to adapt and change for the better and create new worlds for new generations.   


In my hands you will either find Kelsey’s hand, Jayne’s hand, or way too many crackers for one individual.


Artist, traveler, wild woman & ocean dweller.

I’m a young woman wandering, constantly growing, learning,  shifting and expanding - wide eyed and inspired. I have spent the past 6 years of my life traveling throughout the world, learning different skills and moulding myself to reflect and embody the aspects of life that I view to be true, positive, and beautiful. These include craft, communication, different ways of self expression, and how we can live in harmony and reciprocity with the earth and each other.

I was raised in the sea, my comfort zone among the waves and salt and sand, but I also feel at home in and among forest trees, submerged in lakes and rivers, barefoot in lichen, and bare skinned in the desert heat.  My love languages include songs sung in harmony, feeling the wind and sunshine on my skin, a genuine smile from strangers and friends, dancing under the open sky, and a nice dark chocolate. I let my intuition guide me, and choose to do things that scare me, for I find the most magic through the doors of unknown, new experiences, strangers with stories, and being lost in foreign cities.


In my hands you will likely find either a film camera, an acoustic guitar, or a warm cookie.

The thread that we intend to weave on this tour is community, meeting women where they are and doing our best to help them grow. No matter where you are in the world if this project resonates with you, we’d love your support. Our focus is to connect to the individual and collective stories as we travel, in order to do this we need to fill our van with petrol along the way. If you’d like to support us donations will help towards the cost of fuel, enabling us move amongst our sisters of the wild.