“Attending the autumn gathering with Sisters of the Wild was for me, without a doubt, life-changing! Jayne’s magical mix of mother-love, encouragement, and enthusiasm for this lifetime, combined with a knowing of what needs to be brought to the fireside, led to a weekend of rememberings, reconnections, re-birthing…a sharing of truths, pains and love…deep love, for each other, for our World, and ourselves. I travelled to West Wales, looking for more clarity and truth. I found them both, and so much more. I found my tribe, my sisters, my friends. I found home in the wind as it danced through the trees, the flames of the sacred fire, and the hearts of the beautiful brave women I am now blessed to call my sisters. ‘I’m wild and I ain’t going back again!’


Working with Jayne has been one of the most evolutionary stages in my journey thus far. Through her soft humble wisdom I have found guidance that I follow again every day whether it's in the way I clean my kitchen or the manner in which i respond to a friend in need. In her wild humor I have found freedom to remain full of character, loud and unapologetic in an otherwise very reserved world. In her ability to hold space she reveals the true depth of female friendship and through her work has brought into my life a sisterhood who are so deeply connected it feels like we're in on a secret. She hasn't once told me how or who to be but rather given me the confidence to meet my inner truth and supported me as I've spluttered through darkness for she knows the value of both shades of life. Ultimately I'm so thankful to this earth mama; for making the path challenging enough so I may truly meet the size of my purpose.



Jayne has such a gift for guiding women through journeys of transformation. When I first connected to Jayne, I’d gone through 2 years of painful physical, mental and emotional difficulties. I felt small, broken, shy and scared. Jayne saw through all of the pain and hurt that was clouding my identity and spoke to me of the beauty that I had inside. I’ve been working with Jayne for over a year, and each time we meet, she helps me unlock another part of myself that had be locked away. Working with Jayne has helped me learn how to dance with my shadow, how to make space in my life for big. juicy acts of self love, how to honour myself in times of darkness as well as times of light. Jayne radiates a beautiful, deep love for the women she connects with that’s truly contagious. Her honesty and vulnerability combined with her wisdom and encouragement make for a very special mentoring relationship that help bring about lasting change and transformation.



“Jayne is embodied courage.  If you are willing to look into your brightest light and darkest shadow with a seasoned guide to whisper the way to freedom, then you have found the woman who understands the most powerful path to liberation, is liberating others.  It’s because she is free that you will be and because you are free, that she will be.  And because of you both, maybe there is also a chance for me.”



“Whatever you are going through, whatever you are feeling and whatever you fear – Jayne will show up for you and you will no longer feel alone. As enchanting as a child, with the wisdom and experience of the most powerful woman you could meet, the offerings that Jayne is putting out to the world are unique and very much needed.Her approach is incredibly intuitive and masterfully rooted; she manages to merge no fuss with an outstanding yet humbling amount of magic. She will guide you to understand, feel and finally be liberated from your fears in order to free your soul up to explore with wide eyes the experience you have been given.

Whenever you leave Jayne you feel loved, cherished, understood and like you have found a long lost member of family. She has been an incomparable inspiration to me since we first met, as a friend, personal cheerleader and a true, wild and divine soul sister.”



“Jayne is Real. She is a bold, gold-hearted woman who has released herself on the path of discovering true freedom. Her bravery, her empathy, her strength and her raw-thenticity are a gift that allow people she touches to become even more themselves – in a good, instant way. She’s an edgy mama. She knows how to get to and hold the place of discomfort that often lies on the edge: a place where something ends and something else begins. Jayne can take you there, hold your hand, and push you off into change all at once. She is with you, making you free and taking you home.”



“Jayne is an angel from heaven who happened to land in my life and closet and kitchen. In the midst of a major life transition, Jayne appeared magically (as is her way) and helped me release physical belongings that no longer resonated with the life I was growing into. Her compassionate and powerful presence allowed me to release and surrender to a new phase of my life that I did not expect to be so restricted by my physical environment. Jayne worked with me to explore what I would like to bring into my life, physically, emotionally, and spiritually through my home environment. Together we cleaned out my apartment, cooked meals with soul and love, and laughed and danced (a lot). I highly recommend Jayne’s angelic presence and services for anyone looking to make a transition, anyone exploring how to live more in alignment with their heart, or anyone who simply needs to clear out some clutter and cook an amazing meal.”



“Jaynes hugs are like medicine. Many people offer mentoring but working with Jayne is like receiving a hug directly from Divine. Just being in her presence reminds me to connect back to the most sacred part of myself. Jayne didn’t tell me what to do, instead she listened and showed me the way to listen to my best mentor – the deepest truth of my soul."