Wild Essential Oil


Wild Essential Oil

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Pleasure and sensuality are embodied states that we reach when we're anchored into our bodies through our senses. Rich, chocolate-y cacao. Dreamy mugwort. Soothing, sensual rose. These essential oil blends draw on the powerful aromatherapy and medicinal qualities of the plants they contain to activate our wildness and help us sink into pleasure.

An essential oil is a highly concentrated extract from a plant, making them a powerful form of natural medicine. We can engage with these oils either through scent (aromatherapy) or by using the oils topically on our skin (when diluted with a carrier oil). Both are incredibly healing and are very effective for grounding us back into the body.

Essential oils are powerful antioxidants and have antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties. They support the immune system by providing oxygen and nutrients to the cells.. Essential oils are true adaptogens and assist in keeping our stress levels and subsequently our nervous system in check.

Cacao Essential Oil

Cacao has long been used as a natural medicine to open the heart and it offers healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Smelling this oil has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, cravings, and addictive patterns while boosting creativity and increasing pleasure. As a potentiator, cacao enhances the properties of the other oils it is blended with.

Organic Mugwort Essential Oil

Mugwort enhances our dreams and visions, while protecting against negative energy. The oil also has a calming effect on our nervous system, aids digestion, and promotes detoxification. It is

often used to relieve symptoms associated with PMS. As a stimulant, it helps to promote the overall health of the body by ensuring that bodily processes and systems are working effectively.

*Avoid completely if pregnant.

Organic Rose Essential Oil

Rose is a nurturing oil often used to calm the nervous system, balance emotions, and release stress. It is a powerful heart healer, helping to open the heart, and aiding our ability to give and receive love freely. It takes sixty roses to produce one drop of essential oil, making it an extra precious tool in our pleasure medicine arsenal.

*Avoid during pregnancy as it may stimulate the uterus.

Shake well prior to use. For external use only (do not ingest). Oils may stain clothing.

Formulated for SISTERS OF THE WILD by Emily Shaw at Amaveda

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