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Initially I was not sure how I would manage to be with 30 women over a weekend, as I grew up with only one or two close friends. By the end of the weekend, it felt as if we all honoured and respected and found our wild inner true nature individually that flowed out and threaded us all together for eternity. Whether we are apart the moments of laughter, tears, smiles, silence, embraces and dance will be held close to our hearts to always refer to in times of support on our own deeper journeys. Be courageous, Be liberated, be a Wild Sister!


Sisters of the Wild Gatherings have reminded me of the connection we as humans have with the earth, nature and seasons. How the natural world is part of us all and that working and living within nature brings us home to our authentic self.

She sees and recognises your true beauty and potential. She encourages you to blossom and believe in your strength and wildest ambitions. She listens, hears and holds the most supportive and loving space. 

The gatherings Jayne holds, 'Sister of the Wild' has brought me so much love and opportunities to shine. The sharing of skills and working together as a community, serving one another and healing through nature has changed my life. These gatherings will cause you to fall in love, they will fill you to the brim and over flow into your life outside the gathering, weaving your everyday life and sisterhood together.

And Jaynes hugs are like no other! Grounding and nourishing, bringing you back down to earth and feeling safe.


Sisters of the Wild gathering was pure magic. I loved every moment, the river, the mountains, the fire, the singing, the dancing, the drumming, all the beautiful chats and... the chocolate temple!! I loved the rawness and the tenderness. Jayne has created a gathering that is very sacred that all women of all ages, backgrounds can be nurtured by. I felt like I was coming home surrounded by captivating nature & incredible women

Caesar - London

Sisters of the Wild offers such a nurturing space to show up as you are. I often arrive feeling empty, depleted and leave restored with my cup full. If you feel called, come along, if you are unsure, come along.