A celebration of earth and soul.

The Sisters of the Wild Gatherings are weekend getaways where we can share our skills and our stories, remembering the simple pleasures of living in harmony with nature. This is an opportunity to retreat from the attachments of everyday life and tune in to the simplicity of gathering together to dance, sing, create and heal.

When women come together in safe space we become stronger, liberated from society's judgements and expectations, we start to relax into a sense of freedom, we start to rediscover our true self. We’ve been programmed for many years to think we must have certain things in order to survive, but what if we choose to savour simplicity?  It is time to get out of our own way, to walk barefoot in the grass, to wrap up in blankets by the open fire, drink tea and share stories of what it is to be a woman. It is time to break free, let go and dance… to remember we are wise, wild and free. 

The magic of gathering together is that friendships will be forged, shadows shifted, hearts rejuvenated, eyes opened and tears surrendered. Our only intention is to feel more connected through sisterhood and community. Come and enjoy a soul nourishing weekend, connecting with like-minded women, unwinding in beautiful surroundings, learning and sharing new skills and experiencing deep relaxation as you take up your rightful place in nature. 

The simplest of things wrapped in a magical setting.