Welcome Wild Sister,

Thank you for booking your place to attend a Sisters of the Wild Gathering in 2019, your deposit / full payment has been received. We're always bowled over with gratitude when women choose to spend precious time not only with themselves but with us, in the wild. There will be lots of information in the coming weeks but for now please take a couple of minutes to action the requests below, it will make it much easier for us to stay in touch.

All the information you need to start making preparations for our time together is in the gathering guide below.


  • Blanket/shawl for sitting on the ground or keeping warm.

  • Journal & Camera

  • Musical instruments, drums especially.

  • Clothes for all kinds of weather. We're in Wales so please remember a warm coat & sturdy shoes.

  • Hat, gloves, woolly socks, - staying warm in the evenings means you'll be able to enjoy the festivities.

  • Swimming costume if you fancy a dip in the stream or time in the hot tub.

  • Plate, Bowl & Mug (essential as these will not be provided)

  • Towel

  • Organic and earth friendly soaps and shampoos

  • Hot Water Bottle & Flask

  • Headlamp/Flashlight, no candles please

  • Sleeping bag or duvet, blankets & pillows. (essential as these will not be provided)

Community Offerings

  • Tea : either loose leaf tea or Yogi Tea please (yogi teas are biodegradable) The Tea Temple at the previous gatherings are a highlight for so many women, bring tea to share and open yourself up to the magic of calm connection.

  • Chocolate : when women gather, our hearts open & chocolate soothes the soul.



Please organise your travel so that you arrive no later than 5pm on our first day, this will give you time to settle in before our evening meal at 7pm promptly followed by the opening circle at 8pm. 

The nearest train station is Bangor (Gwynedd). There is a good service to Bangor from Euston, London, which can take as little as three and a half hours. Please use this form so that we can organise minibus taxis and lift share.

Please aim to arrive at the train station for around 3pm and book your return journey for around 12 o'clock. The gathering comes to a close after breakfast on the last day and we will organise taxi's to take women to the train station. 


Cae Mabon
Fachwen, Llanberis, 
Gwynedd, WALES
LL55 3HB



  • BREAKFAST : We will be serving hot porridge or bircher museli in the mornings and you will have the option to make this sweet or savoury with a variety of toppings.

  • LUNCH : A warming bowl of home made soup will be served at lunchtimes, with freshly baked bread and greens, please bring extra food if you desire a fuller meal.

  • DINNER : We will gather together for a hearty meal made with fresh seasonal vegetables from the local farm and you are welcome to bring wine at mealtimes (being mindful of others)

  • SNACKS : Please bring your own snacks for between meal times. We will create a community Tea Temple so we can all enjoy this heart tonic throughout the weekend.

We will prepare a plant based diet for the weekend and where possible gluten free too. If you have any specific allergies please let us know. With a group of this size it can sometimes be difficult to accommodate everyones tastes we will do our very best to make the food nourishing, nutritious and nurturing. 


You will be allocated accommodation on arrival, all dwellings are shared and mostly in single beds. There are 3 double beds which we will ask friends to share. There are also a few sets of bunks so if you have any physical reason that a bunk would not be suitable please let us know in advance. 

We request that you bring only organic and earth friendly soaps and shampoos as the waste water finds its way back to the river eventually. There isn't an abundance of showers on site so come clean and please be open to a more rustic way of living for the weekend, we are wild women after all. 

We have the use of a hot tub which will fit 5 women at a time, it's situated outside so when you've warmed yourself through you can plunge into the river pond to cool off, fun and good for you. You may use the hot tub naked or in a swimming costume, whatever feels good. 

There is a private Facebook group which you can request to join. As our time to gather draws nearer lots of new information will be shared in this group, it's also a wonderful way to keep the virtual fire lit after our weekend. 


Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 23.53.45.png

Storytelling is what connects us, linking us to our past, and providing a glimpse into our future. As we gather around the fire as 30 women we each bring with us the wounds of our ancestors and homelands. Storytelling can bridge the gap between cultures and ease us into a more heart centred approach of understanding the world around us. 

Storytelling also gives us the opportunity to celebrate, to laugh, to cry and to be touched deeply by tales of hope, resurrection and overcoming adversity. You’re invited to join your Sisters of the Wild around the fire to share a story from your own ancestral background. You may arrive as a woman who is British born but what about your grandmother or your great grandmother? On which land did they gather with their women folk to share stories? 

You may not even know what the story is yet, maybe you’ll have to dig for a Polish or Syrian story, maybe Wales is your homeland and you will tell us a story in your own language. Come open hearted and willing to share for us all to grow in love. 

We will open the space with a Calling in our Ancestors Ritual.


Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 17.55.29.png

Sisters of the Wild market place is a treasure trove of handmade delights. We welcome anyone attending who creates goods themselves to sell in our small market place where everything is made by hand and unique. We believe in supporting independent makers and helping them to flourish so that they can continue their craft. We are rooted in community from the ground up, so come and share your skills and creativity and allow your sisters to support you.

We’re committed to looking after and caring for the earth so we ask if products require any packaging please be respectful and use as much recyclable material as possible. All goods must be made by a sister attending the gathering or by a friend of a sister who is able to share the maker’s story. 

We do not ask for a commission but do ask all makers to donate one or two of their creations to our raffle. Our raffle raises money for scholarship places for future gatherings.


The Sisters of the Wild Gatherings are intended to create a safe space for women to join together in harmony with nature, to remember themselves through storytelling, song, weaving, drumming and dancing. It can be a powerful experience, it can feel awkward and uncomfortable sometimes, this is because when we choose to enter the circle of sisterhood : we grow! 

On our first evening together we will gather in the roundhouse to light the central fire and to open the sacred space, you’re heart will soften and you may start to remember feelings of wisdom and freedom that have been buried underneath the burdens of modern living. This is our time to nurture ourselves, to celebrate, to listening deeply and to awaken, it’s our time to be WILD. 

If you have any questions please ask them on our dedicated Facebook Group, as one of your sisters may need the answer too. Until we gather, tread lightly on the earth, be kind to yourself & others and may love be with you always. 

Jayne x