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I'm a woman, just like you.

Through my own challenges with womanhood, being a mother, a wife, navigating a divorce and my own health issues, I’ve found that the most honest healers are movement, the breath and interaction with the elements. I feel most supported by rocks and the roots of a tree; I feel most alive when the wind is whipping my hair and I’m dancing barefoot on the grass.

I believe in love, even though my heart has been broken a thousand times.

My version of love means kindness, honesty and truth. Love is showing up, standing for something and using your voice eloquently and powerfully to promote justice and peace. Love is hugging, listening and looking someone in the eyes as they pour their heart out to you. Love is my daughter, the most amazing person I know: dedicated, compassionate, kind and hilarious. When I watch how she is living her life, she's 26, I’m filled with hope for the future of this planet. 

I love swimming in the ocean and sitting next to a fire, under the stars drinking whiskey. I love wearing black, being on a train or travelling somewhere new. I love chocolate. I love the reflections of a disco ball, and I love Prince with every wild bone in this body. 

Peace & Be Wild

Jayne x


Over the past two years, during the Spring and Autumn equinox, under the name 'Sisters Of The Wild' I have held space for women in nature. We come together to stir the pot, feel the warmth of the fire, we dance, we cry, we laugh and we grow. As I’ve sat with these large groups of women, listening, learning and nurturing, I found myself connecting deeply to their individual stories.