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I believe in Love, even though my heart has been broken a thousand times. My version of love means kindness, honesty and truth. Love is showing up, standing for something, using your voice eloquently and powerfully to promote justice and peace. Love is hugging, listening and looking someone in the eyes as they pour their heart out to you. 

Love is my daughter, the most amazing person I know, dedicated, compassionate, kind and hilarious. When I watch how she is living her life (she's 24), I’m filled with hope for the future of this planet. 

Love is my friends, even the ones who are not in my life anymore, because everyone who has crossed my path has had something to teach me. My beloved friends who come into the fire with me, the ones who hold me when I fall apart, the friends that love to dance and feel deeply in their bones the magic of the earth. 

Love is walking barefoot in the grass, swimming in the ocean, smelling the sweetness of a rose or leaning against a wise old tree. Love is sitting next to a fire, under the stars drinking tea. Love is the smell of summer rain and being cosy indoors at wintertime. Love is when the moon is full even though it makes you feel slightly crazy.

I cry easily and mostly for love, I’m learning to let myself be compassionately angry, the kind of angry that means I can throw myself around to very loud music or scream into the abyss, being mindful not to direct it at another human. Swearing is another outlet for my anger and cleaning helps too. When I’m done being angry or upset  I remind myself that love is the truth of who I am and I can sink back into that place of openness. 

I love chocolate, I love wearing black and being on a train or travelling somewhere new. I love that all of my material possessions fit into 4 boxes and I love chocolate, I know I said that already but its very important. I love Prince, he gave me my first spiritual experience at the age of 14 when I went to London to see him in concert, without telling my parents. It’s been a 30 year love affair and he’s the only man who has never let me down. 

I love myself very much, and I love you even more. 

Peace & Be Wild

Jayne x


Official Bio

Jayne Goldheart is a mentor, love activist and modern Hedgewitch*

Jayne's alignment with the heartbeat of the earth began back in 2009 when she started yoga training whilst living at a remote retreat centre in the North of England. Beautiful days spent meditating, practicing, welcoming guests, preparing delicious meals and holding space for the women who visited each weekend. And this was also deep personal work,  unfolding and softening, giving Jayne the opportunity to work through the things that were holding her back whilst guiding others to get unstuck. 

The years that followed saw Jayne studying Kundalini Yoga and more recently travelling to Costa Rica in 2014 to train as a Qoya teacher, this is also where her curiosity for natures healing was remembered. In the past year Jayne has embarked on her first solo long distance hike around the coastline of the Scottish Highlands, which gave birth to Sisters of the Wild and has been initiated as a Plant Spirit Healer. 

During this time, Jayne has built up a devoted circle of women who have attended many of her Urban Retreats in London, these retreats have grown from 4 to 40 women. They come because they know that they’ll be deeply held in a safe space where Jayne has been able to guide many of them to make long lasting transformations in their lives through nurture, understanding and compassion. 

*Hedgewitch : A wise woman who works with Nature magic.